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  • All copper winding movement, faster speed, lower temperature rise, stable operation, durable

  • 100% new high quality, can not be easily deformed, has an excellent workmanship, durable frame, can continuous operation, long life.

  • Perfect for extraction of home, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, garage, workshop, cellar, attics, etc.

  • ventilation fan as ventilation, dust removal, deodorization, room temperature setting Entfeuchtung.Effektive ventilation for quick removal of moisture and odors.

  • Function: Exhaust + lighting, wind pressure: 115PA, product features: large air volume / super quiet / LED lighting,

  • Baibao Ceiling fan ventilation Extractor LED Lighting Plus ventilation fan Two-in-one bathroom kitchen high power ventilation fan Color A Powerful exhaust fan Color A A Color B B0896Z8FP6

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